The Importance of Blogging

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog for Your Business

Building your business’s brand is an integral part of generating interest in your products and services and getting customers to identify with your company. As a space for telling your brand story and connecting with your target audience, a blog can be an integral part of your content marketing program. According to HubSpot, blogs can help drive traffic to your website, convert traffic into leads, build links, and share company news. 

Blogs add pages to your website, which increases your website’s footprint and, ultimately, makes your business more visible on the web. Check out this list for five reasons why blogging is important to growing your brand and business.

Blogs Add to the Customer Journey

Every visitor to your site makes buying decisions based on where they are in the four primary stages of the customer journey: gaining awareness of your product or service; considering and evaluating a product; purchasing the product or services; and, upgrading, re-purchasing, or providing feedback about their experience. These stages can be broken out into sub-stages, but for the purposes of a blog, you’ll want to focus on publishing content that drives customers through these main four stages. Consider your blog to be a place for continuing education and information on products, how to use them, how to maintain them, as well as guides on what to buy and why.

Blogs Make You a Source of Useful Information in Your Field

The more that customers get to know you, the more credible you are not only as a source for information, but as a go-to for particular products and services. By publishing blog content regularly that answers your customers’ questions and concerns, you become a reliable source of information for your particular field. For example, if you own a landscaping business, it’s a good practice to publish blog articles on a variety of topics related to growing plants, maintaining yards during particular seasons, and finding the best soils and products to use for specific gardening purposes. A blog is great for sharing your expertise and knowledge with customers so they become return visitors and learn more about your business. 

Blogs are a Showcase for Visuals

Blogs are not only a place for words, but also a space for you to showcase products, photography and design that delights and intrigues your customer base. A blog is a great opportunity to publish “How To” articles that feature photos or diagrams for processes relevant to your business, like a “how to refurbish a dresser” article if you own an interior decorating business, or “how to make tamales” if you run a food truck. When you start your blog, be sure to invest in a graphic designer and/or photographer to handle the visual elements that will encourage visitors to continue returning to your site–and boost your SEO results.  

Blogs are a Venue for Brand Voice and Messaging

Your brand has values, and blogs are a way to express those values by writing about ideas, products and campaigns that are true to your brand story. Share stories about your products, the clients who use them, and the stories behind products so customers can get to know you more. The more that customers get to know you as a brand, the more credible you are not only as a source for information, but as a go-to for particular products and services. 

Blogs Provide Inbound Linking Opportunities

According to uSERP, 84% of SEO professionals believe that link building has a big impact on brand authority. Your blog can help with this because over time, it can become a place that other sites link to for useful information relevant to your particular business area or expertise. By publishing accurate information and useful content, other websites will link back to your blog, which in turn builds up your SEO credentials and boosts overall traffic to your site. 

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